Coaching Career Process

What services are provided?

We provide one-on-one or telephone career coaching that uses a proven process to ensure that your next career move is the one you want make.

Career Coaching Sessions include:
  • 3-Phase Campaign Strategy
  • Creating a Job Search Marketing Plan
  • Resume Development
  • Secrets of Professional Networking
  • Utilizing Recruiters Effectively
  • Interview Training and Preparation
  • Salary Negotiation Coaching
  • New Job Assimilation Strategies
Career Coaching Session Descriptions

3-Phase Campaign Strategy: 
A complete campaign encompasses 3 phases and over 30 distinct action items. Following a focused strategy allows for the greatest opportunity that the best possible career position is landed as quickly as possible. The 3 Phases are: Campaign Prep, Marketplace Communication and Interviewing/Closing the Deal.

Creating a Job Search Marketing Plan: 
Simply said, this is your job search strategy!  During this session your coach will help create a Job Objective, Positioning Statement (referred to as a 2-minute elevator speech) and Exit Statement (reason for leaving your job). This session will help you assess your competencies and create examples of career accomplishments.  Additionally, you will also define exactly what you are looking for in the next job and develop a list of target companies you are interested in pursuing.

Resume Development: 
Are you not getting the type of response from your resume that you had hoped?  We will correct errors, rewrite weak passages, tweak the formatting, wordsmith and offer insightful comments and suggestions to ensure that your resume passes the "who cares - so what?" test.

"The well-developed resume is a blueprint for the perfect interview." 

Secrets of Professional Networking:
This session is designed to help you learn the art of building relationships for the purpose of acquiring and disseminating information; it can be done informally and naturally every time you interact with another professional. When you network, your objective is to learn about the other individual and to seek his or her advice on your project. In the case of job searches, the project is about locating resources--including individuals--that will help you learn about the job market specific to your particular expertise and interests.

Utilizing Executive Recruiters: 
One of the biggest mysteries of job search is why recruiters never return calls. This session will help you understand how to work effectively with Headhunters. The greatest chance of success still comes from your own network of acquaintances, business associates, etc. However, search firms are constantly handling assignments, which are not publicized or perhaps even known outside of the executive office.

Interview Training and Preparation:
This session is customized to your specific situation and concerns. We coach and guide you in identifying and expressing your strengths, skills, competencies and value as they relate to an employer's needs. We'll also help you deal with perceived problem interview questions, help you with your presentation, positioning statement, exit statement to help you separate yourself from the competition during face to face and phone screening and mock interviews.

Salary Negotiations: 
We’ll help you develop a sound negotiating strategy, learn when it’s most advantageous to discuss salary issues, and become skilled at keeping the discussion focused on what’s really important. This could be the most valuable investment you make during your job search!
New Job Assimilation Strategies: 
This session will provide great advice and strategies as this is the crescendo of your transition and the beginning of the next step in your career path. It's very important to acknowledge and express appreciation to those involved and to prepare yourself for the new team you will be joining.

 "A life is not important except for the impact it has on others." Jackie Robinson

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