McGuire Coaching LLC is a business coaching, strategic development, and training company. Our coaches work with business owners, management, and employees to overcome challenges and succeed in their business lives and personal lives.

Business areas addressed during the coaching process:

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Systems Development
  • HR and People Challenges
  • Financial Analysis
What type of industry, business, or person is coached?

Typically, our clients:

  • Work over forty hours.
  • Are not realizing the original dream that motivated them to start their own business.
  • Sales are below the desired level.
  • Marketing seems to be a guessing game and the success of a marketing campaign is never fully understood.
  • Problems are further compounded by employee concerns.
  • Existing employees are not performing at their full potential and morale is low.
  • Are not completely comfortable with bringing on additional help for a variety of reasons.
  • Are frustrated because their business cannot run unless they are always present and available.
Business coaching can:
  • Allow you to work less, make more money, and be more fulfilled
  • Help you retain and hire good employees and properly handle challenging employees
  • Increase profits, measure marketing campaigns, reduce costs
  • Systemize specific areas of your business to run on more efficiently
  • Help you become the leader you want to be
  • Ensure success with accountability

So you want to start a business!
Starting and managing a business takes motivation and talent. It also takes research and planning. Take time beforehand to explore and evaluate your business and personal goals...
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What goes in a business plan?
The business plan should include an executive summary, supporting documents, and financial projections. Although there is no single formula for developing a business plan, some elements are common to all business plans. The following outline provides an excellent template for your plan: ...
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The Impact of Employee Financial Stress on Business!
Employee financial stress is costing your company a bundle— How can you stop it? Synopsis: There is a silent epidemic that afflicts 30 million workers in the US—a quarter of the American workforce—and it could cost your business up to $15,000 per year per affected employee. In this report, you’ll learn the true impact of employee financial stress, and five ways to combat it.
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Business Plan Outline
  1. Executive Summary (50 words or less)
  2. Company Description
  3. Industry and Market Description
  4. Competitive Context
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Business Priority Analysis
Identify with a "1", "2", or "3"m your top 3 priorities for the next (6) six months
  1. Business Start-up      ______
  2. Business Turn-around: Improve Profitability, Operations, etc.      ______
  3. Develop / Implement a formal Budget Forecast      ______
  4. Operations issues: Staffing, Processes , HR, etc.      ______

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Earning More with Less
Have you ever heard “You have it made? You're the boss”? But you know the reality. Your business has some issues that need to be addressed. Once you admit there are some problems, you are on the way towards a positive solution.
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A Company with the Right People
A company can only be as successful as the people in it. Knowing this, business owners must consider “Do you have the right people?”. Whether you have a small business with just a few employees, or a large business with hundreds, having quality people in the right places is critical to success.
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A Simple Route to a Successful Business
To maximize the chances of success find your focus and stick to it. This is the basic premise behind keeping it simple. Effective business leaders don’t overcomplicate, they use a clear focus, with straightforward pursuit of goals. Superior performance results from a clear framework.
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Are You Strategic?
The expression, “he can't see the forest for the trees” is true of many business owners/managers. The day-to-day responsibilities are so overwhelming; they cannot find the time to consider business strategy. They are so involved in the details of problems they fail to look at the situation as the company as a whole. The questions to ask yourself are, "if you are not leading your business, who is? If you are not planning strategically, who is?"
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Revenue Starts with Current Customers
A leaky bucket never gets filled.  Similarly, you cannot grow and stay in business unless you keep your customers.  Maintaining current customers is cheaper than developing new ones. Keep selling the business you have and grow from the inside out.  A frequent mistake is to underestimate the need to satisfy and retain customers.  Putting too much time and money chasing after new customers often ignores the most likely way to build business by increasing sales to existing clients. A well designed sales and marketing plan creates a balance which designates the appropriate amount of time spent on current customers and new customers. Your sales and marketing plan should consist of networking, current customer contacts as well as new customer contacts. The amount of contacts to be made is determined by the size of your business and number and diversity of your clients.
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Customer Cravings
If someone asks you, "what do your customers crave?" would you know the answer?  Do you know the things that your customers need urgently or have an intense desire to achieve?  When you plan ahead and consider factors that will determine success for your company, meeting customer’s needs is paramount.  Sometimes though, clients wish for things that may not directly relate to your product or services. Understanding your customers desires will help you satisfy their cravings as well as establish long term satisfied customers.
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Conversationally Speaking
Good communication starts with good conversation. How well do you communicate with others; verbally and nonverbally? Your ability to communicate well transcends into all aspects of your life.
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