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Strategic Mindset®

aewwThe Growth Coach® has a unique year-round coaching and accountability process called the Strategic Mindset®, designed to enhance the mindset, focus and results of entrepreneurs, franchisees, executives and self-employed professionals. The Growth Coach® helps these business owners and professionals sharpen their focus, increase their effectiveness, grow their incomes and simplify their lives. Our clients gain clarity about who they are, what they want out of their business and life, and how to go about achieving their goals.

7u5hOnce a quarter, we provide a comfortable and confidential setting that our clients can consider a refuge – a sanctuary from the daily hassles of their business, career and hectic personal life. This peaceful setting gives business owners and professionals the time to reflect, face reality, think and plan on improving themselves and their businesses or careers. This personal, strategic retreat takes place once every 90 days and is an ideal opportunity for our clients to take a step back and see themselves and their businesses through a “big picture” perspective.

The Strategic Mindset® is a two-year program delivered on a quarterly basis. After two years, clients graduate to a life-long coaching and roundtable program called Strategic MasterySM.

Strategic MasterySM

The Strategic MasterySM program continues the quarterly meeting process that allows our clients time to reflect and re-evaluate their thinking, behavior and goals. But in addition to these strategic time-outs, the Strategic MasterySM program also includes a roundtable discussion that allows business owners and professionals to talk about common issues, challenges and achievements with other Strategic Mindset® graduates Not only does this help our clients continue to grow in their businesses and careers, but it gives them a new opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with others who have gone through this same re-defining process.


Too often entrepreneurs spend too much time focusing on unimportant tasks – and ignore the important ones that can help them grow their business or advance their career. Business owners find themselves working a job instead of owning a business – feeling like an employee instead of a boss. Our proven, powerful process allows our clients to go to work "on" themselves, "on" their business or career and "on" their specific issues, opportunities and goals. Our workshops are designed to help owners, professionals and executives:
  • Face reality – determine what is and what is not working in their businesses and their lives
  • Define and achieve business and personal goals
  • Understand and leverage their time, talents and resources
  • Discover new strategies and habits that create leverage
  • Identify and then discard limiting beliefs and ineffective habits
  • Follow through on their dreams, goals and new strategies
  • Stay focused and accountable for achieving the results they want
In addition to personal improvement, our business improvement topics that are essential to the long-term success of business and business leaders include selling, strategic marketing, leadership, people management, business planning, systematizing your business, delegation, vision and goals, the strategic business concept, and much more.


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