I think our meeting today was very successful. I am starting to feel an excitement about my business that I haven't felt in years. I truly do believe I have a great organization. Thank you for everything you have done thus far. Thank you.
Karen Laughhunn, President, Abstractor Services, Inc.

Once you deal with something like leukemia, you understand what financial catastrophe is. Even with good insurance disease can destroy you financially. It is a blessing to have someone like Gregg McGuire to advise you in getting back in financial health as you grow back into physical health.
Pastor Dan Brown, First Baptist Church, Sunbury, Ohio (Leukemia survivor)

We finished the financial course and that very month my husband's company announced they would be closing. Even though it was a difficult time we were relieved to have the tools needed, including a fully funded emergency fund.
Todd and Rebecca

I needed help with my career. Gregg helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses and the impact I can have on my fellow employees and customers alike. The powers that be in our company have recognized my growth in leadership and communication Promotions will follow! Thank you McGuire Coaching!
Indianapolis, IN

If our church is thinking about a new addition we contact McGuire Coaching LLC to see the realities of the move. How much should we have, where to get the loan, is our giving enough to do this? It is a blessing that God has blessed us with people like this who honestly answer these questions with the growing of God's Kingdom as their number one priority.
Carlisle, OH

My business was a train wreck. The only saving grace was that I had more business that I could handle. Gregg taught me how to develop a marketing plan, create a workable budget, and assemble a business plan. As of today, my business is profitable, my debt is low. I also have peace of mind and time with my family.
Bob C.   Minneapolis, MN

Being a Pastor for several years you work with so many seniors who are in such financial disaster. McGuire Coaching LLC will come in and work with those seniors and try to help, and instruct the young people in the church to see that they will be better prepared for their future.
Portsmouth, OH

Credit card companies are fooling our nation into believing that you can have anything you want without a care in the world. McGuire Coaching LLC will teach your people how to be good stewards and what the realities of their financial situations are.
Jersey City, NJ

I have been at a dead-end job for years. McGuire Coaching helped me realize my potential. We put a plan together that will enable me to realize my goals.
Lexington, KY

Statistics say that 50% of marriages end in divorce, the majority of those couples state financial problems as a major cause. The stability of our family is a top priority. Since the financial training; we are able to work together as a team to achieve our long term goals.  We highly recommend McGuire Coaching! 
Farmington Hills, MI

It has been my dream to own my own business. Gregg helped me formulate a plan that works. He has been the catalyst that I needed to step up to the plate. We continue to work together; I recommend McGuire Coaching to all my friends. Thank you!
Wilmington, OH

We have reduced our debt by $15,000 in 90 days. We now have a solid plan for our future. Gregg shared with us his desire for us to have Financial Peace; we now understand that concept. Thank you for caring!
Washington Court House, OH

In a world where young couples complain that they haven't received all that they deserve in life it is so important to know that as a Pastor you can bring in teachers like McGuire Coaching LLC to teach them that everything they have is a gift from God, and how to be good stewards as the Bible teaches .
Parkville, MO

As a single mom; I did not think it was possible to get my finances in order. Gregg helped me develop a plan and gave me the encouragement to stick with it. We are going on our first vacation that is being paid for in cash and not credit cards. Thank you Gregg!
Richmond, VA

Prior to working with Gregg we had too much debt and did not have a clue how to manage our money. We now know how to manage our money and plan for the future. The timing could not have been better; I recently lost my job due to downsizing. Because of McGuire Coaching; we can manage. Thank you Gregg!
Bill, Connersville, IN

Gregg said that he could help us! We did not believe him! After 8 months; our financial future is totally turned around. Now that our financial stress is under control; our marriage is better that it has ever been. We recommend McGuire Coaching to everyone!
Bill and Gretchen

My husband and I have gone to a financial planner for years, who helps us with stocks and retirement etc, but we were looking for something else.  We were in a position that we needed help creating a spending plan, yearly/monthly budget to better manage our expenses, and a plan to get out of debt and work towards some long term goals. Gregg has truly been our answer. In less than three months we created new accounts that help us manage our spending for larger items such vacations, cars, home repairs, gifts, we have paid off one of our vehicles, we established an emergency savings and are working on other goals. Gregg has helped us work towards small goals and larger goals and we have celebrated them all along the way. I would highly recommend Gregg to anyone. My husband summed it up well the other day when we looked at what we spent to hire Gregg- "the investment to hire Gregg has more than paid for itself.
Amy Thompson, Executive Directo, Leader of Hopes and Dreams, Joy Outdoor Education Center LLC (Camp Joy)

I think our meeting today was very successful as well as all our meetings leading up to it. I am starting to feel an excitement about my business that I haven't felt in years. I truly do believe I have a great organization and you have made it possible. Thank you for everything you have done thus far.
Karen Laughhunn, President Abstractor Services, Inc.


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