About Us

McGuire Coaching LLC is the product of many years of experience teaching, consulting, and mentoring individuals to enjoy all aspects of their lives. Whether they have needs in finances, money management, career dissatisfaction, or in general life issues; McGuire Coaching LLC has developed a structured plan to work your way to a better and more fulfilling life.

McGuire Coaching LLC has also developed a structured plan for improving your business, which in turn will improve your life. We can develop a plan that will enhance your revenue, reprioritize your time, and enable you to realize the dream you have for your business.

The Founder, Gregg McGuire, has been involved in the financial industry for over 24 years. This experience includes working in the banking industry as a Commercial Loan Officer, Vice President, and Regional Manager for two large banks. McGuire’s experience also includes becoming a partner in a manufacturing distribution company with a financial services division operating as manager and CFO. Since that time, McGuire has been involved in multimillion dollar companies as President, Chief financial Officer, Board member and Consultant. McGuire’s business principles include the tried and true practices of tactical and strategic planning for growth and profitability.

McGuire also serves as an elder in his home church. He is currently serving on several ministry teams; such as, Strategic Planning Team, Mission Leadership Team, Praise Team, among others. He is married and has two children. McGuire is committed to the promotion of value based leadership which reflects biblical principles; at home, at church, and at work. Dedicated to the teaching of sound financial stewardship established in the Bible.

Gregg McGuire is a certified consultant in financial, career, and business coaching.


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