A Simple Route to a Successful Business

To maximize the chances of success find your focus and stick to it. This is the basic premise behind keeping it simple. Effective business leaders don’t overcomplicate, they use a clear focus, with straightforward pursuit of goals. Superior performance results from a clear framework.

As the owner/manager of the company, your leadership strategies and the manner of developing the business control success. Building a system with direction and drive takes focus. You cannot lose sight of the major issues by concentrating on trivial problems and details. Processes for customer service, day-to-day operation, and marketing must be in place.

The basic marketing process is finding, contacting, and closing leads, and then delivery of products or service to the customer. Then customer service follows to be sure the end product satisfy the customer and resolve any unmet needs. Focusing on this process will continuously build business.

Support issues such as personnel, office management, infrastructure management including facilities and technology, and finance/accounting, while important cannot be allowed to shadow the basic marketing needs. These functions are secondary priorities and should be considered as such.

What does your business do well? That is where your time and focus must be. These functions that you do well add real value to the customer. This is where keeping business simple and staying focused on what is most important will pay dividends.

Devise a plan with your strengths in mind. Keep things simple and focused with yearly and quarterly goals. At the end of each quarter meet with your leadership team and honestly evaluate successful completion of goals. Do not make or accept excuses and justifications. Demand execution and results.

Consider what you do well and how that enables you to market your services or products. Base goals on building the business by improving the basic marketing process and meeting the customer’s needs. Enlist employees in the process and hold them accountable. Focus on a few highly important goals. Keep it simple and keep focused.

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