Financial Facts

• 70% of people in North America live paycheck to paycheck.

-The Wall Street Journal

  •17% of Americans do not have enough savings to cover one week without a paycheck.
   55% could not live for three months without a paycheck.

-USA Today

• In a worldwide survey, 22% of US consumers said they have no money left after paying
  basic living expenses. Only Portugal had more cash-poor respondents, with 23%

-Kiplinger’s Magazine

• The estimated average credit-card debt per US card-holding households in 2005 was

-Time Magazine

• $12,338- average credit-card debt among people who carry a balance
  46%- US Households that carry a credit-card balance (2004)
  9%- Families with debts overdue 60 days or more (2004)

-Kiplinger’s Magazine

• 51%- Consumers who have at least 2 credit cards
  14%- Consumers who have at least 10 credit cards
  14%- Consumers who use at least 50% of their available credit

-Experian National Score Index

• In 2004 there were 1,597,462 personal bankruptcies filed in the United States.
  In 2005 there were 2,078,415 filed.

• In 1929 only 2% of homes in North America had a mortgage against them.
  By 1962 only 2% DID NOT have a mortgage against them.

-Christian Financial Concepts

• Among people 55-64 years old, 50% still owed money on their homes in 2004. That’s up from 37% in 1989. That amount of debt in 2001 was $596,000,000,000. In 2004 that amount rose to $1,000,000,000,000. Keep in mind that in 1929 only 2% of homes in North America had mortgages on them.

-Federal Reserve Board, Survey of Consumer Finances

• Over 62% of Americans retire on annual incomes of below $10,000.

-The US Census Bureau

• Mortgage Debt has increased 300% since 1975 and foreclosures are up 25% over just three years ago.

-The Federal Reserve

• Mortgage debt has more than doubled since the early nineties.

-The Federal Reserve

• The typical bankruptcy was not a homeless guy living on the street or a rolling real estate salesman, but a “well-educated, middle class baby boomer with a big time credit card debt.”

- The Wall Street Journal

• The average household has $84,454 of personal debt.

-USA Today

• In 1980 the total consumer debt was $1.3 trillion. Today it is over $5.9 trillion.

-Consumer Reports Money Book

• 55% of Americans “always” or “sometimes” worry about their money.

 -Marist Institute

• There are 15.4 billion credit advertising impressions on the American public every three months!

-Jupiter Media

• The personal savings rate in the US has now fallen to -2.2% -- the lowest in 60 years.

-The Department of Commerce

• Conflict of money is still the leading cause of divorce today.

-Psychology Today

• Premarital education is associated with higher levels of marital satisfaction, lower levels of destructive conflicts and higher levels of interpersonal commitment to spouses.

-Journal of Family Psychology

• Couples who received premarital education had a 31% lower chance of divorce.
Phone survey conducted and higher levels of interpersonal commitment to spouses.

-Phone survey conducted in 4 states with 3344 adults

• 60% of second marriages end in divorce and 75% of third marriages end in divorce.

-Gary Chapman

• Most marriages that fail list financial problems as a contributing factor, if not the main reason for the failure.

-Dave Ramsey

• It takes that average millionaire 17-18 years to become one. Most are the first generation and started with little of nothing.

- Dr. Thom Stanley



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