Earning More with Less

Have you ever heard “You have it made? You're the boss”? But you know the reality. Your business has some issues that need to be addressed. Once you admit there are some problems, you are on the way towards a positive solution.

To begin taking steps toward building your business, you must first consider your current position.

   1. Do you fit in with the majority of business owners who feel trapped, doing almost everything themselves?

   2. Do you dread the daily challenges of facing the same problems day after day and go home at night feeling physically and mentally drained?

   3. Do customers count on you personally to solve their problems and service their needs?

   4. Are you racing ever faster on the treadmill of life, with no sign of getting off?

   5. Do emails and phone calls seem to never end, without any successful resolution?

   6. Is family time and free time constantly on your mind, but never possible?

The good news, if you answered yes to most of these questions is that you are not alone. Most business owners feel this way. For too long, this has been seen as the path to success. Most of the time, an owner would never even admit to this life of suffering, and living for the business. And whenever an owner finally does admit to others about his frustration, most likely, he is talking to someone with the same problems. Strategic solutions are not discussed, or often even considered.

You do not have to live like this! You do not have to be a hero. You do not have to solve every detail of every problem personally. Owning a business should not mean a life of misery and frustration. You can be an effective manager and not be consumed by your business. There are not enough hours in the day and days in the week for you to solve everything. No one can do it all, and the misery you sometimes feel is telling you that.

Stop for a minute and think about how your feelings are impacting others. Although they may not say it, employees are keying off of you. They know you are stressed! Customers can sense the frustration you feel as you deal with each additional issue. And when you do finally get home, your family almost always has to deal with the effects of a bad day at work.

Now is the time to realize you are on a journey. Enjoy the challenges, but don't let them consume you. Realize that you must live for today. Embrace the chance to make each day worthwhile, as you shift your beliefs and actions to a more positive method of living both at work and at home. Don't get so focused on making a living, which you don't have time to live. Take the time each day to look for new opportunities and possibilities for managing your life.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. You know that your business is consuming you, and it can't continue. Now is the time to take control. Use your leadership skills to redesign your business so you have greater control of your life, more freedom, and peace of mind.

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