Customer Cravings

If someone asks you, "what do your customers crave?" would you know the answer?  Do you know the things that your customers need urgently or have an intense desire to achieve?  When you plan ahead and consider factors that will determine success for your company, meeting customer’s needs is paramount.  Sometimes though, clients wish for things that may not directly relate to your product or services.
Understanding your customers desires will help you satisfy their cravings as well as establish long term satisfied customers.

Adults value positive interactions with one another.  Even though many decisions may be based on economy and value, to maintain a client demands a feeling of goodwill and cooperation.  Customers must sense interconnectivity and feel their relationship with your company is one with a positive two-way effect. Though many customers would not like to admit it; the majority of decisions are driven by emotions.

Customers want to deal with a company that has a strong structure.  They want to know they can depend on you and that you can be counted on today, and tomorrow.  Although change is inevitable, people want to know that you are dependable and will not waiver like leaves in the wind.  Your clients want to deal with a strong company with a framework that portrays resilience.

Clients want to participate in the process.  Selling the service or product is just the start.  Involving the customer and making decisions jointly builds loyalty.  They feel invested in the procedure and have a greater sense of control.  With active client participation, you are more likely to meet their needs.

Customers want the opportunity to express themselves.  They want to be heard and to know that you are listening.  Often, when they share ideas and frustrations it will get you on the same page.  It enables you to react quicker when problems arise, and gives customers the feeling that their business matters to you.

In the end, it may be your service - not your price - that dictates whether or not you secure customers for the long term. If you give people what they want, the way they want it, you are much more likely to turn them into satisfied customers.

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