A Compny with the Right People

A company can only be as successful as the people in it. Knowing this, business owners must consider “Do you have the right people?”. Whether you have a small business with just a few employees, or a large business with hundreds, having quality people in the right places is critical to success.

Exemplary character is imperative. Honesty builds strength and trust. Input into decision-making that is not forthright can lead to disaster. Likewise, straightforwardness from someone who is dependable and responsible will lead to favorable outcomes.

Influential people should be in leadership positions. Dynamic advisors, managers, and supervisors help implement decisions effectively. High performers are motivated when deserving colleagues have access to the top leadership. Those trusted with the top spots must be able to execute company strategies.

Each person must add something of value. People must be in a position where they give something to the company. Their contribution should be known. The skills and expertise of each employee should be used to further the goals of the company.

Making a positive impact should be expected. Fact-based decision makers having intelligent discussions lead to a focused and energetic team. People must be able to have differences of opinions without animosity and infighting.

Finding Leaders

The leadership team or inner circle must be effective for a company to grow and succeed. Choosing the right people for these positions may very well be the most important decisions a business owner ever makes.

Leaders must have the strength to disagree. Flatterers and yes men will restricts ideas and perspectives. Members of the inner circle must be willing to voice their concerns and ideas, whether they are popular or not. This is the only way to correctly measure the correctness of decisions and directions within the company.

Finding individuals of talent and allowing them to grow must be encouraged. Leaders cannot be intimidated by the abilities and talents of others. The strongest companies find leaders with strengths in the company’s areas of weakness. The most successful companies have the strongest leaders. They have a company of the right people.

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